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Lord shiva statue in dreams meaning

Lord Ganesha is the God of money, prosperity, backyard eos auspiciousness. Sometimes God comes in a dream to give messages and blessings. There are various meanings of seeing Lord Ganesh in a dream. Moreover, the interpretation of such divine dreams is totally based on culture to culture and circumstances on which you are living.

There may be of various causes of seeing Lord Ganesha alive or Lord Ganesha statue in a dream. These are divine energies they will automatically take away from you whatever they wish. Also, they will give you too for which you deserve. Therefore, dreams come to you to give you messages, reminders, remedies of current problems you are facing and blessings, etc. Dream of Lord Ganesha temple is very auspicious.

It indicates that your wishes will be fulfilled soon. The work, business, and study in which you are involved will be proved good and will give you wonderful positive results in the coming time. Lord Ganesha is a beloved child of Lord Shiva. If you see both in your dream it means great blessings of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha both. You will get money, name, and fame all in your life. Lord Ganesha is a beloved son of Goddess Parvati.

If you see Lord Ganesha live or Lord Ganesha statue with Goddess Parvati, be happy as you will get love, care, affection, money, and success everything in the coming time. This is a very rare dream. Such a dream comes to a great pure soul. If you see Lord Ganesha with Lord Kartikaya it means you will get money, happiness as well as a victory too in your present endeavor.

Lord Kartikeya is the commander of the army of Gods. You will be blessed with a good wife and a happy life. The dream means that not only Lord Shiva but also Lord Ganesha is showering blessings on you.

If you see Lord Ganesha with Goddess Lakshmi it means you will get a lot of money from very fine and right sources. The dream means success and prosperity in your life.

If you dream elephant in your dream it means also the same. It is good and auspicious to dream elephant. It means success, wealth and prosperity all. In fact, the divine dream of any divine energy is good and auspicious. These divine dreams come to only those who have great devotion, love, affection, and reverence for the divine Gods and Goddesses.Shiva Lingam in dream meaning is victory, beginning of auspicious time and win over great long-lasting troubles.

Initially, you have to struggle, but in the end, you will attain a wonderful success. Real Meaning of Sacred Symbol of Shivalinga. To dream Lord Shiva and Goddess Parwati indicates new opportunities in your life related to wealth, health and prosperity, a better job, money, food, food grains, good news, happiness and getting a good start in life.

Dreaming Trishul gives you victory over your long-lasting troubles related to war, fight or any kind of quarrel. All the problems whether related to tangible illness or quarrel or related to subtle fights with some negative energies, etc. But you have to wait. So, be positive and be patience good time will surely come. Such a dream is a divine blessing. Dreaming dancing Shiva indicates that you will get the solution to your problems and success in life but you have to face troubles for this and in the end, you will achieve your goal and success.

Read — How to Solve all your problems? Dreaming the moon indicates that you have many alternatives but you have to choose the best alternative among them. Shivalinga Meaning Shape History and Truth.

lord shiva statue in dreams meaning

Dreaming eyes or third eye gives you information and warning related to a great change in your life. The third eye alerts you to a life-changing situation.

If you dream a third eye that is pasted on a Shivlinga it means spiritual enlightenment in your life. Dreaming Ganga flowing from the head of Lord Shiva indicates the purification of your soul.

It confirms that you will attain spiritual knowledge shortly. It also indicates struggle in the coming time but after the struggle, you will get a great success. Dreaming Lord Shiva in place of the sky means receiving love, protection and secured life in the forthcoming time.

The sky is a symbol of father, security, and protection. Dreaming Lord Shiva in place of sky indicates that you will get the protection of Lord Shiva as a father. Dreaming Mansarover Shiva lingam that is made up of snow indicates great blessings of Lord Shiva. It indicates great struggle in the coming life but ensures victory over the struggle and constant blessings of Lord Shiva in the whole life. Read — Who is Exactly Shiva? Dreaming the third eye is a symbol of drastic transformation in your life particularly in the direction of spiritual knowledge and spiritual enlightenment.

Damru is the symbol of energy. Dreaming Shiva Damaru indicates positive vibrations in you, in the house and also in the working place. Goddess Ganga, as well as head both, are the marks of knowledge. It shows knowledge, love, and wealth in the coming life.

If you dream as you are offering water to Shiva lingam it means that you forget about your promise you made in any past period about offering something to the Shiva temple. So recall it and fulfill the promise. Seeing offering water to Shiva lingam also shows the blessing of Lord Shiva. It is an indication to start offering water to Shivling to get the solution to your present problems.

The dream also indicates you to start offering water to Shivling to get prosperity, happiness, and blessings of Shiv Ji. Dream of throwing dirty water on Shivling is a very important dream.Mystic Dream Book. Read More Dream Dictionary Unlimited. Responsibility and restraint. New American Dream Dictionary. See Coffee. Depth Psychology: You are either partying too much, or you should do more of it. An honest answer can only come from you! Dreamers Dictionary. It corresponds your objective and dependable personality.

Perhaps there is a need for better control and management on a particular aspect of your character Dream Symbols and Analysis. My Dream Interpretation. Gypsy Dream Dictionary. The Complete Dream Book.

lord shiva statue in dreams meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations. Dream Meanings of Versatile. It is purely personal. See KING To hear others repeat it, denotes the danger of some friend. Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation. Islamic Dream Interpretation. Unable to communicate with others like a statue. Someone one idolizes. STATUE Islamic Dream Interpretation Idol A statue in a dream represents falsehood, inventions, make-shift, fiction, illusion, heedlessness, or a nice looking person who is full of deception.

Ifit is a carved wooden statue in the dream, it means that he ingratiates himself to rich people, or to an unjust person in authority through his religion.

If the statue is built from wood in the dream, it means that one seeks religious arguments or disputes.

The Real Meaning of the Shiva's Linga Symbol

If the statue is made of silver in the dream, it means that one elicits sexual relationship with his servant, or with a foreign woman, or perhaps just a friendship. If the statue is made of gold in the dream, it means that one may commit an abominable action, or a religious inequity, or seeks profits from someone at the expense of displeasing God Almighty and consequently, one will suffer financial losses or health problems.

If the statue combines mixed material of bronze, copper, steel, iron, or lead in the dream, it means that such a person uses his religious garb to make profits, and that he often forgets about his Lord. Astatue in a dream also means travels. Seeing a golden or a silver statue in a dream also could mean prosperity.

Seeing a bronze statue of a young woman moving around in a dream means a good harvest, prosperity, or travels.Shiva or the Great deity is one of the three most important gods in Hinduism, along with Brahma and Vishnu. Together, they represent the sacred trinity of Hinduism, also known as Trimurti. Shiva, however, himself has many aspects and many faces.

In order better to understand what does it mean to dream about Lord Shiva, let us learn something more about one of the most highly praised and known Hindu gods. Shiva is sometimes represented as a man, but other times as a women and he could take many forms. The face of Shiva represents duality of time; Shiva is the principle of ever changing or.

Better to say, exchanging creation and destruction. We could call it the principle of recreation. The whole idea behind the god Shiva is complex and requires much better understanding of general Hinduism bases and principles. Shiva creates worlds and reabsorbs them is an eternal action. This act of eternal, ever-flowing energy of creation is represented in one of the most popular depictions of Shiva.

You have certainly seen a figurine or an image of a many-limbed dancing god. It is Shiva as a creator and a destroyer deity. The dance of Shiva is the dance of creation, of movement, of dynamics of the world. In one hand the dancing god carries a drum, which represent the idea of sound, the symbol of creation, while in the other one he carries fire, the symbol of inevitable destruction.

The famous bronze statue of Shiva, now in museum in Amsterdam, represents Shiva dancing in the ring of fire, performing the cosmic dance of creation and destruction. This depiction probably illustrates the whole idea of Shiva the best for us to understand, so we will focus on it. The statue represents the deity with two pair of arms, where his limbs draw a circle in space, in three dimensions.

Imagination could add the fourth dimension to this image, which is time, an idea that a static figure cannot represent. Four hands of the god represent many options of creation and achievement. Besides his hands holding elements of creation and destruction, which are the drum and the bowl for fire, his right hand is turned upwards.Few days before I have seen a naked man in my dream, He was so real like he was standing in front of me in my room itself.

He was smiling at me. He was very pleasant. After certain time I dont know how much he threw pleasant bluish light towards me.

Lord Ganesha in Dream? What It Means ? How Is It Significant ?

It was so pleasant. I am so thrilled with that dream.

lord shiva statue in dreams meaning

It was not a dream. It was like reality. Please guide me If you can. The feeling and sensation you felt, reveal all, a auspicious dream of something big and powerful vibrations which have or are about to come your way, the blue light.

Naked man is symbolic for Guru tatva, the dimensionless, in other words Sri Datta Guru. All pious sadhu, sanyasis are essentially the elements, incarnations of Sri Guru Datta in various degrees and capacities. The Guru wants you to come back to your sadhana its same as Mahavatari Baba triggering Lahari Mahashya. Just check your native village; it may lead you to your destiny and more probably towards Akkalkhot Maharaj Sri Swami Samarth.

I dream of may Kali dancing with me in my dream what does that mean I am trying to figure out and she is smiling when she is dancing. I am dreaming of snakes over and over for a while now. Last night I dreamt a snake came out of the ground, crawled under my new aprtment I am looking for a new aprtment and then tried to come in through the back door. I beat it and it kept changing from goose to a snake. I then used a piece of wire to pierce it and it died. Another one came again this time outside the house.

One of the managers from work told me well fly it wont be able to fly too. I found myself flying. I was feeling weak at first in trying to fly to the height I wanted but I tried harder and I went up higher. What does this mean? Snake symbolises -Fear of unkonwn. Your past deeds are trying to catch up with you. Dream of snakes means either stress, or someone close to you is manipulating you in some wayAnonymous Profile bio tidbit goes here.

Secrets Behind the dreams about God and Devils - 2017

No comments Permalink Share No comments. Y our soul and subconscience mind is still connected to God even when you are sleeping. Dreaming about Lord Shiva, Mahadev, and Mahesh is your desire to pray and be connected to them in real life. May be spending some time in meditation with your soul and all above Lords will help you understand and satisfy your desire to know your inner-self and quest your thirst for them.

Y ou are so lucky!!! Are you doing any sadhana spiritual practice? If not, it is time for you to start. The spiritual practice of chanting the name of God according to your religion of birth has definitely helped me. Let me know if you need any more info. I wish I had seen this earlier, but now that I have, here is my sincere acknowledgement that you are fortunate. I too see Shiva in my dreams and as time goes by, you will know how to interpret and what He is trying to tell you. He wants you to connect with Him in your waking state as well because your search is finished.

I look foward to seeing my beloved Lord Shiv in dreams because dreams add such vivid color and surprizing reality. Often the Lord's form is not like I have see anywhere else in my waking state.

lord shiva statue in dreams meaning

In any event, be happy and thank the Lord by doing a puja from the heart. I personally feel my life has become succesfull. H i, I was born a catholic though I really did not follow any religion I still have faith in god. Recently I began having dreams with hindu gods and gurus. I don't know why. One was a hindu guru that turned into Krishna showing me the universal womb.

Last night Shiva partially possessed me and lifted my hand to radiate energy to people that were sitting in a circle. Maybe it is past life related?

GreenFreak says screw this. Okay, I'm not quite sure S top snorting crack and passing out like that. I had Shiv ji in my dream twice this week, after completing Sola somvar vratt. Twisted Taco. A re they naked or wearing women's clothing? That, my friend, could make all the difference on the meaning of the dream, you know? Sharona Life is a Tale Told by an Idiot.One of the most important gods in Hindu pantheon, Shiva is one of the holy trinity with Brahma the creator and Vishnu the preserver.

Shiva the destroyerassociated with time, destroys the universe cyclically to allow for new creation. As the main god of Shaivism sect, Shiva is the patron of Yogis and Brahmins. He is also the protector of the Vedas the sacred texts. According to Shaivism sect, the highest form of Lord is formless, limitless and transcendent. Shiva is also the leader of evil spirits, ghosts and vampires. The Art of Living foundation describes the great lord Shiva as: "A body smeared with ash, a tiger skin, a crescent moon, a snake around the neck, the third eye, matted hair, river Ganga flowing from the hair, a trident in one hand, a dumroo in the other, sometimes consumed in a cosmic dance and sometimes sitting still like a rock.

Translation : Glory to Lord Shiva! Glory to you, Omkara! May Brahma, Vishnu and other gods, including the great Shiva, relieve me of my afflictions. As Vishnu, you have but one face, as Brahma four while as Shiva you have five faces. They gladden the sight of all who behold them. As Brahma, you like the back of the swan for your seat, as Vishnu, the back of Garuda a large mythological eagle-like bird believed to be the vehicle of Lord Vishnu and as Shiva, you make the holy bull your ride; all these stand ready.

O Great Lord, pray rid me of my pain. Translation : You have two arms when you are the Brahma, four when you are Vishnu and as Shiva Dashabaahu ten, all incredible to look at.

No sooner do the inhabitants of the three spheres behold you than they are all enchanted. O great Lord Omkara, pray rid me of my sorrows. Translation : O great Lord Omkara, you wear a garland of Rudraaksha, another of forest flowers and the third of skulls; your forehead glistens in the moonlight which it holds, is smeared with sandal-paste and musk. Pray rid me of all ailments. Pray rid me of my afflictions.

You bring joy to all, destroy all distress and sustain the whole world.

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