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How to macrame

The Learn Macrame section is a gallery of decorative knots used in this craft. It contains detailed instructions for tying a variety of basic as well as unique knots.

The knots found in most Macrame patterns are listed below. Just click on the images of the ones you want to learn. The step-by-step process, with photos, will come up in a new window. Don't rush into making any project until you are familiar with the knots.

Vintage knots are those decorative knots used in the late 's - 's. Many knots created during this time are often quite unique, and you may not find them in modern Macrame books.

Chinese Macrame features a variety of knots that can be combined in interesting ways. Some have been around for over years. Entire families used to create a variety of elaborate combinations to form new Chinese knots. Several basic techniques are listed near the bottom of the Learn Macrame page. To progress in skill, practice them several times, until you can combine them to create your own works of art.

The Celtic Knots at the bottom of this page are highly artistic, interwoven designs that are not very well known. They are perfect for making handcrafted jewelry and fashion accessories. This section is currently being updated. Many of the knots listed here in Learn Macrame come from the Fusion Knots website. These combination knots can be used in a variety of Macrame and craft projects.

Click on the image or link to visit the site. View the knot gallery to see the video instructions. Here's the key for the terms above the images:. Have any comments about the Learn Macrame section? Contact Me.

how to macrame

Custom Search. Learn Macrame. Square Knot. Square Knot Sennits.Happy making! You can buy yours here. When wrapping, ensure the loop is left visible at the bottom. To secure the wrap knot, carefully pull the short tail end at the top of the wraps.

how to macrame

This will shorten the loop and catch the length, pulling it upwards and into the wrapped cords. Cut the remaining tail and length at the top and bottom of the wrap to neaten. Wrap macrame knot complete. Take the ends of the D cords, cross them over at the resting point where the cords meet, then thread them under the loop of the D. Pull gently to secure in the desired position. Practice this knot on our beginner macrame wall hanging project and display your work on your walls!

Pull the wrapped cord to tighten the knots, then move them to the desired position while holding the static cord at the desired angle. Snip the ends of the remaining cords. Square knots are simple, versatile and strong. Alternating the placement of square macrame knots within sets of hanging cords can be a versatile and decorative technique.

To continue to tie square knots in an alternating pattern, you must always select a pair of left-hand or right-hand cords from one knot in the row above, and the opposite pair from the knot next to it. Instead, repeat Step 1 multiple times. The macrame knots will naturally begin to spiral.

The finish of your fringe depends on the cord you use. Next up, using a stiff brush, carefully brush the cords to separate them, starting at the ends and gradually working up. For more macrame projects check out our macrame bunting tutorial and learn how to make a macrame plant hanger with our step-by-step guide.

Phoebe's got a background in all things marketing but specialises in social media and content strategy. Wrap knot β€” Steps 2 and 3. Wrap knot β€” Steps 4 and 5. Wrap knot β€” Step 6. Steps 1 and 2. Half hitch knot β€” Steps 3 and 4. Double half hitch knot β€” Steps 1 and 2.

Double half hitch knot β€” Step 3. Double half hitch macrame knot β€” Step 5. Horizontal double half hitch knot β€” Steps 1 and 2. Horizontal half hitch knot β€” Steps 3 and 4. How to tie a square knot Part 1 β€” Steps 1 and 2. How to tie a square knot Part 2 β€” Steps 3 and 4. How to tie an alternate square knot β€” Step 1. How to tie an alternate square knot β€” Step 2.

Half square spiral knot β€” Step 1.Macrame has been a popular way to decorate for decades, bringing texture and warmth into a home with knots that can be put together in unique ways to create one-of-a-kind wall hangingsplant holdersand more.

It's easy to learn how to macrame because you only need to know a handful of knots to create a macrame project. Before you're ready to start learning how to macrame, gather your supplies and familiarize yourself with some common macrame terms you'll need to know. Here's what you'll need to learn and practice your macrame knots:.

There are a few important macrame terms you'll need to know before you can get started. This knot is what gets your macrame cords attached to an object, such as dowel, branch, or an anchor cord. Fold your cord in half and place the loop over the dowel rod.

Bring the loop around the back and pull your two cord ends through the loop to tighten. A Reverse Lark's Head Knot is done in the reverse, so the bump is hidden in the back of the knot. Fold the cord in half and place the loop under the dowel rod. Bring the loop round to the front and pull your two cords through the loop to tighten. A square knot is one of the most widely used macrame knots and it can be created as left facing or right facing.

A half knot is simply half of a square knot. It can be right facing or left facing, depending on which side you start on. Square knots need to have at least 4 cords 2 working cords and 2 filler cords but can have more. The first and last cords are the working cords. We'll call them working cord 1 and 4. The middle cords are filler cords and we'll number those 2 and 3. These cords will switch places but will still keep their original numbering. A left facing square knot has a vertical bump on the left side of the finished knot.

Take the first cord working cord 1 and move it to the right over the middle filler cords filler cords 2 and 3 and under the last cord working cord 4.

Take working cord 4 and move it to the left under the two filler cords and over working cord 1. Pull both working cords to tighten, keeping the filler cords straight. This is a left facing half square knot. The working cords have now switched places with working cord 1 on the right and working cord 4 on the left. Take working cord 1 and move it to the left over the two filler cords and under working cord 4. Take working cord 4 and move it to the right under the two filler cords and over working cord 1.

Pull both working cords to tighten. This completes your left facing square knot. A right facing half knot and square knot has a vertical bump on the right side of the finished knot. Take the last cord working cord 4 and move it to the left, over the filler cords cords 2 and 3 and under the first cord working cord 1. Take working cord 1 and take it to the right, under the filler cords and over working cord 4.

Pull both cords to tighten, keeping everything straight. This is a right facing half square knot. The working cords have now switched places and working cord 1 is on the right and working cord 4 is on the left.Last Updated: June 30, References Approved. This article was co-authored by Lois Wade. Lois Wade has 45 years of experience in crafts including sewing, crochet, needlepoint, cross-stitch, drawing, and paper crafts. She has been contributing to craft articles on wikiHow since There are 31 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

This article has been viewedtimes. Choosing the right materials and making sure you have a good work space will help you start your project right.

Adding diagonal half hitch knots can add different patterns to your work. To macrame, start by getting some rope, yarn, or twine to tie your knots with, as well as a dowel or rod to anchor everything on. Then, tie different knots around the anchor to create your design! For example, you could tie a reverse lark's head knot by folding your cord in half, placing the loop under the anchor, and pulling the cord through the loop to tighten the knot.

Once you get the hang of it, you can experiment with different knots, like square knots and half knots. To learn how to do different patterns and designs, read on! Did this summary help you?

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how to macrame

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how to macrame

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This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. You can use cotton rope, yarn, twine, leather, or anything else that comes in an easily pliable strand.

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Learn Macrame

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How to MacramΓ©: 7 Basic Knots to Master

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Basic macrame knots

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