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Free furry reference sheet base

Log In or Create an Account. Log In Create an Account. General Rating. Download Submission. Type - Resources. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. I decided to make some free to use lineart of a canine turn around.

The only rules are please make sure my watermark remains joker168 and do not claim the lineart as your own. That's it! Can be used for profit within the fandom adoptables, colouring as peoples characters on commission etc. Not for commercial use. If you feel like it, link back to what you make here!

I'd love to see what people come up with! Not sure how to colour it? Check out a basic tutorial I made. Listed in Folders Type - Resources. Sessinoga Anthro Artist link. Zambuka Digital Artist link parent.

free furry reference sheet base

My pleasure, I've been wanting to do some free lineart for a while now. Wolflovebite Fursuiter link. BackStabber Devourer of Cheeseburgers link. I set this up so it's hopefully easy for suit makers :. Sheppi Digital Artist link. It took me a second to figure what what you were saying. Sheppi Digital Artist link parent. At years old I think you're doing quite well to be using the internet. I am always the correct age to use the internet.

ToboeTala Digital Artist link. Thank you so much! WotanLomoPlateado Fursuiter link. Thanks so much!!! Yaaaay, leave me a link when you do, I want to seee :D. Now make a Deer one. OwO -Can't find one for the life of me. Haha, I will be doing other species for sure.


I'll try and do a voting journal to see what other species people are interested in at some point.Log In or Create an Account. Log In Create an Account. General Rating. Download Submission. Prev Scraps Download Next. High resolution version Here!

free furry reference sheet base

CasualFennec Watcher link. Thanks for this. Such an amazing lineart! It's so kind of you to do this for free use! I can't wait to see if people are using it and for what :D. Xx2TailsxX Fursuiter link. Thanks for this!

SnowBankST Writer link. Blackpheonix Traditional Artist link. This is awesome hun! AzuraTheFox Character Illustrator link. This is a cool idea! I used a similar one to get my character started.

People will probably ask for a plantigrade version, and also male and female. RyanW Traditional Artist link. Icefoxy Fursuiter link. Definitely great. HarlaFox Art Whore link. I have the loveliest sweetheart that is exploring being a furry for the first time without access to a pc for quite some time so I am taking liberty to help her create herself. I look forward to a possible feline "lines free to use" if you end up doing so I the future.

free furry reference sheet base

Worryed link. I'm just gonna use it as a reference, you know, : Thanks and well made! Thank you very much for this! Lovely to get a line art from one of my favourite artists!

free furry reference sheet base

Yksi link.Due to popular demand, I decided to make a favorite with a few free to use Lineart references for people to create their fursonas, OC's or roleplay characters. They're ok to use as long as the text on the bottom isn't cropped out. Credit to Piranha Petting Zoo Productions.

Credit is needed, as it belongs to Haizer. I may add more if I find more of them and have the time for it, but for now, have fun with these. Be creative! This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. No me gusta Nothing. All of them are properly credited, with the conditions that each one requires down below. Cheap Adopts 31 Likes Comments Like No Download link? Name unknown. Is there a bear. That first wolf almost made me straight. Do you not have a female base I'm looking to download this but with more quality, do you have the DevianArt link of this?

Related wiki Call Of Duty Furs.Any canine or feline -ish furries out there in need of a ref sheet? It's free. And I will make any minor changes that are specific to your fursona tail differences, piercings, hair, scars, ear types, etc So comment below if you would like me to make one of your fursona. And I'll message you for more details. I have no artistic ability lmao.

Floppy ears, big round blue eyes, normal white fur but with pastel blue and pastel purple spots. Black claws, pastel yellow paw pads, pastel pink nose, and a tiny stub tail. My sona is a Dalmatian so floppy ears, a smaller nose, rounder eyes, and spots if you can do that!

This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Comment below. Using the lineart made by meI can take multiples.

Likes Comments Like Hey can you make this. It would be real cool if I could get one, I've been trying to get a ref for him for a while : He's a Dalmatian, shorty. Thank you! If really love for you to do mine! Also has white front paw Golden brown eyes thanks! From Five Class doodle- Panther. Featured post It takes two to tango!

Free lineart ref sheet base- YCH

Featured post :fire: Flareon used flame wheel! Featured post spring is here! Into Furry? Join the community. Get App. More from Five. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.The Furry Fandom is a great place to be!

Full of creativity and freedom of expression…not to mention the caring atmosphere and amazing people. But, for newcomers, there is a lot to take in. Most newcomers break the most important rule of the fandom: Do NOT be an art thief! Little do they often know that this character already belongs to someone else…and that they have just stolen artwork that someone else has paid for.

Que the chat that happens once this person decides to post something:. I am new, nice to meet you! That character belongs to blank and you should not be using it! Stop using that picture and make your own Fursona! This conversation could go on forever and, it usually ends up with nothing good as the result.

Unfortunately, as kind and helpful as the fandom can be…no one really has patience for art theft, and very few actually realize that there are better ways to handle a situation than in calling someone a thief.

Still, that is what this blog is here for! I was in the fandom for well over 7 years before I realized that there are some FREE resources to help beginning furries. So many things that I wish I would have taken advantage of! Well, now I get to pass on this knowledge to anyone that can make use of it!!!! Turns out that there are several programs that allow you to play around and create your own custom character.

Please keep in mind…these are just programs, so, options might be limited…but, think of this as merely the starting blueprint for what will one day be a finished product. For example: I had my winged-wolf Mia since I joined the fandom…but, I knew she was a bit too basic and in desperate need for a makeover. I took what I made in the wolf-maker, would later add new hair and a piercing…and of course, I made her anthro.

Then later you may find something free that can help you even more, or, you can use this building block so that when you hire an artist, they can really bring your sona to life!

You may not sell your creations from these makers for any kind of profit! A lot of the links have been replaced with the direct link to DeviantArt where the creators originally posted - you do need Flash to use these creators, and if a link is still not working, search the name of the creator on Google to find a working link. Create a Griffin by Pidgepudge.

Female Fur Maker by ryan-silverfox. These are just a few of the resources out there. Doll Divine and DeviantArt both have several such programs for making all sorts of creatures! I have even seen goat makers, other fox makers, and several versions of different pony makers. All you have to do is look! There are artists out there that are willing to help beginners…but you have to understand that there are rules to this as well.

When posting for free art in a group, you must understand: You are not guaranteed anything! Even when someone agrees to draw art for you, they are not obligated to do it or even finish something once they start it! Is it rude for them to promise you something and not do it? Of course it is…but, the plain fact of the matter is that you did not pay them!

They are not under any contract with you…therefore you can not file a complaint on them if you never get any art.Log In or Create an Account. Log In Create an Account. Profile Gallery Scraps Favorites Journals.

Free fursona/character base

Profile Gallery Scraps Fav orite s Journals. Now with transparent backgrounds for most arts! New on this group and feeling a bit lost?

MUST - Read the rules on the line art s you want to use; - link to the original artwork ONLY ; - upload the art in your gallery, giving the proper credits to the original artist. CAN - Use the line art as many times as you want; - Use the line art as adoptable if written in the description.

CAN'T - Upload your art without giving credits to the original artist. Credits go on the original post. View Gallery. Wuw You! View Favorites. FREE baby pets icon template by Bizarrefaved: 10 hours ago. View List Watched by View List Watching 1. Views: Submissions: Favs: Comments Earned: Comments Made: Journals: View Journal 2 Comments. Simply use it. We ask the original artist's permission before posting anything on here, so you can be sure that line arts are respected.

We only re-post things; we are by no means the makers of the line arts. You can link them in this journal! User Profile. Accepting Trades. Accepting Commissions. This user has not added any information to their profile. I updated all my bases do they are nicer and easier to use feel free to delete my old ones and update too uvu mostly waterfowl but have mammals and whatnot too hoping to update them every 5 years.

New base! I used one of your bases to make this. This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Learn More.I send out a newsletter every so often with updates including new downloads, free wallpapers and more. Newest Files are at the top — older ones are at the bottom.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I will be adding a FAQ at the bottom. Do you use Telegram? You can obtain a free lineart when you hit up CatBirdBot! These reference sheets have been created and are best used using one of the versions of Adobe Photoshop. That is the best program you can use because this is the program that was used to make these files. Here are some other programs that have been reported to work, but I have no experience with them so try them at your own risk! Tutorials for coloring with Photoshop are located inside each file — I recommend Photoshop.

Download Web Size. Photoshop or any other program that supports PSDs. Download Full Size. Download Small Version. Delete the Hyena feral art. Delete the Red Panda Heads, erase the eye markings on the ferals.

Species: Hyena. Delete the clearly defined nose and draw in roo-like nostrils. Delete the Hyena feral art, erase the nose and add a more lemur-like nose. Delete the Red Panda Heads. PSD Zip File. Can I sell characters that I made with this? What kind of software do I need? See the information in the Compatible Software section. Tinker around with the combinations and see what you can get the reference to look like! You can check out the full species list including recipes for how to frankenstein together even more species here.

Suggestions may be considered on a case by case basis. I am sorry but I cannot provide individual support. Please consult one of the many available learning resources for your chosen software. The file is made at a high enough resolution that you can print your reference if needed. Download a smaller or flat version file if your computer or device has trouble using the file. Zhivago is a frazzled artist living in California. View all posts by zhivagooo.

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