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Crf250l mods

I have always been a Honda fan but all the test riders have complained about the lack bottom end power. I hope they fix the motor issue for but I was wondering if anyone found some hidden horsepower in the new Honda.

The yoshimura system makes a decent improvement over stock. My vortex should be back from remap next week but ive been told its a huge improvement on bottom end. Pro circuit is supposedly coming out with a really good set of cams to improve the bottom end.

Go listen to the Keefer Testing Living with the Crf podcast as there is some good insight in their. My son was recently injured and by the time he is ready to come back we will most likely move a F.

Just curious what mods are working. I know the Yosh exhaust helps a little but the CRF is off hp in the low-end and mid-range. I'm not sure there is an easy fix without throwing a lot of money at the motor. Spoke to a reputable and well known tuning company that assured me that a yosh pipe and a vortex ignition is good for HP through the whole range especially bottom and mid, top end also up.

Check out the dyno sheet from Vortex site. They have a dyno chart comparing yosh pip with and without vortex, major gains with the ignition and that pipe. As soon as the frozen tundra of NY is ridable i can can give a first hand report. To be fair that bottom end is so far down on the bottom if your a fast rider you may never even hit that weak spot.

For me being slow i need just a bit more bottom and mid. Otherwise this is the best handling dirt bike ive ever ridden. If the test was blind, and and your average track with normal elevation change, would anyone really be at that big of a disadvantage? They get fooled by it. Not everything that is fast, feels fast.

Ive also ridden stuff that feels slow, but was actually making a ton of usable power. Part of Speech: Noun Definition: A loser, poser, lame-ass. One who talks the talk, but could never walk the walk. One who talks shit and doesn't back it up, but rather ends up eating their shit in return. A fuckin 'tard. Usage: Slang. RedDragon wrote:. It appears to be down all the way up to about 9K rpms.

If you could fill in that gap you would have a great motor. Due to sponsors I would have to use FMF. I will check out the Vortex site. Yes Honda's handle like a dream! Bruce wrote:. I mean no bike is perfect i guess. But if i have the best handling bike for me that just needs a little extra power down low that will cost me about bucks i can live with that.

But i guess like everything else in life its all personal preference. Im also not necessarily giving advice as i dont feel like Im qualified in this sport to do so. Just giving my thoughts on my bike. Find a fabricator and drop a KTM motor in it.Most people will swap those out for a high quality aluminum handlebar, which is lighter and more durable for off-road riding.

Please note that oversize handlebars are only "oversize" on the center part of the bar where it bolts up to the bike. Handlebar Bends: Manufacturers like Pro Taper and Renthal offer their handlebars in a variety of bends so you can customize the fit and feel of your new bars. Which bend you choose is a personal preference thing.

Pro Taper calls them Universal Solid Mounts NOTE: When replacing handlebars, many of our customers will also replace their grips, mirrors, and levers, while also adding handguards for extra protection. Since you're removing all of these items when replacing the handlebars, its much easier to do it at the same time rather than later. Some of these items are listed below Overall coverage of the engine remains the same, but the flat aluminum finish has been replaced by a beautiful polished finish, and the round holes on the front and sides of the skid plate have been replaced by oval shaped slots.

Overall protection remains excellent, and now the skid plate looks much nicer on the bike. We have this kit on one of our CRFL's and really like it. These really clean up the back end of the bike making it look much better, while still being bright enough to keep you visible on the road. The kit is also very popular for the supermoto guys who just want a compact tail light look. We've got 'em! Now in stock! Acerbis has released their new 3. This new fuel tank is perfect for riders looking to do longer rides without having to stop for fuel as often as they do with the stock 2 gallon tank.

It is available in either Black or Natural. Choose Black if you are going for a factory OEM look, or choose Natural if you want to be able to see your fuel level through the sides of the tank.

It's available in either white or black plastic. Stay tuned for more. These trick looking frame guards are made from aircraft grade durable dry carbon fiber and will prevent scratches and paint wear on your CRF's frame.

They also provide a flat surface on the frame for additional grip and control. Installation is super easy and no modifications are required. Click the links below for more details or to make a purchaseThe adventure bike crowd is foaming over the new L and rightly so.

Recommended modifications for the CRF 250 Rally

Based on…. Went out to test the new tires. They worked really well, but were no match for icy tire tracks and down I went again. I lost the plastic tabs from the left front fairing that connect the fairing to the bash plate.

mods. who's done what ?

The bash plate also is now missing a tab. The crash also bent…. There is a huge selection of different options out there and many different outside the factory spec sizes will fit and work. The problem is to know which ones will fit, as tire dimensions differ greatly, even if the specs are the….

Some of the options like Kenda Ks that were recommended by Rally and L riders were not easily available in my neck of the woods so I opted for the Pirellis.

I almost went for the Heidenau K60s…. Before anyone goes off the chain, the following are MY recommendations based on MY riding style and riding conditions. There is no right or wrong. Foreword This is going to be a long winded post so bear with me.

As for aux lights, the easiest solution would be to go with something like the Denali mounts and mount separate lights to the fork tubes. I wanted something different for 3 reasons. I wanted the light s to be as crash proof…. I usually try to travel as light as possible. With that in mind, I try to keep with me a selection of tools that can get me out of minor trouble such as flats and small crashes.

I feel, that if something goes really wrong technically or…. Skip to content. Based on… Read More. The crash also bent… Read More. The problem is to know which ones will fit, as tire dimensions differ greatly, even if the specs are the… Read More. I almost went for the Heidenau K60s… Read More.One, its no rocket ship. Best Dual Sport Bikes specializes in hopping up and modifying dual sport equipment to have a little bit more anger in their DNA and therefore a bit more dirt influenced.

Their goal with the Honda CRFL was to work on the ergonomics, the suspension and the power and a shaker about the tonnage. BDSB was initially just as concerned with the power as they were the weight. This is because acceleration is based on a power to weight ratio. Remember, many of the engine mods remove the street legality of the machine, so check with your local area on the proper rules.

Their first mod came in bolting on an FMF Q exhaust system. There was a double win here as the Q4 muffler and Megabomb head pipe add almost 4 hp, but it saved over 8 lbs over the stocker. This was mainly to save an extra 5 lbs of weight. It is weight that is located up high on the bike, so you would feel it when tossing the bike around.

The new battery is also a amp unit, compared to the stock 7-amp unit. It was pretty lean at all throttle openings.

The addition of fuel would change everything around on this bike as far as acceleration went. With the additional fuel available it made it possible to open up the very restrictive air box a bit and also remove the back fire screen from the inside of the paper air filter element.

These three things made an additional 6 hp over stock, taking the original power of 18 hp up to 24 hp. As you can see though, from the dyno chart, there is quite a bit more power, right from the start and it just keeps on making the extra power until redline. To take advantage of all this power and to make the bike more suited to off road, BDSB also provides you with a 13 tooth front sprocket instead of the stock The gearing still runs down the highway at a respectable 80 mph and cruises nicely at 60mph.

BDSB has put together this kit as their Stage 1 power kit.

crf250l mods

It also contains the fuel programmer, 13 tooth countershaft sprocket and instructions on how to modify your airbox and filter. Next on the list was fixing some ergonomics.

crf250l mods

The stock handlebars are mild steel and bend in the first tip over. Overall, this set up is higher and lets you get further forward on the bike. It also just feels much more natural.Log in or Sign up. Essential mods? Messages: I wondered what mods people think are pretty essential. So far I've shortlisted Acerbis hand guards with the metal insert and I'm going to need some form of luggage rack. Not sure which please suggest, is there anything which has its own bag, made to fit it?

How about for protection of the bike in a fall? With a sports bike if you make a habit of dropping it over you'd fit crash bungs to the frame, what is the likely damage to the CRF and is it worth worrying about? I saw a second hand machine which had seen some trail action, it didn't look so bad, just a few scuffs on panels. I guess that's all part of the fun, and expected of this type of bike, at least where they were used for what they were made to do?

PaulFeb 6, PaulFeb 8, I bought this rack from ebay and am very happy with the build and fit, I added a Highlander roll top bag Mallaig 35ltr works well with rokstraps. TiggerFeb 10, TahuyaRider likes this. I have the original Honda rack The one from Tigger looks much better and on crfsonly you can find some nice racks as well, but in Germany the original rack was the cheapest and easiest way to get one Thanks guys for the advice, the rack looks good, good to get a recommendation Paul.

PaulFeb 10, JPDFeb 13, The bash plate and rad guard look really good! What make is your rack? PaulFeb 13, Not sure of the make, it was from crfonly.Before anyone goes off the chain, the following are MY recommendations based on MY riding style and riding conditions. There is no right or wrong.

Weight saving is not enough motivation to spend the cash. Definitely a good thing in colder climates. The bike pulls fine as stock.

Riding, owning and modifying the Honda CRF 250 Rally

Rally super short levers for Honda Rally. Frame bending at the peg mounting point has been a reported issue since the L. Not a necessity though and depends on rider height.

Stock will work up to a point. I have no personal experience, but maybe worth considering. ADV Rider. An essential source of information for any Rally owner.

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Always waiting from Spain for new posts. Btw, the OEM handlebar is extremely fragile. Instead of install bar risers I do recommend change the handlebar for a stronger and higher one.

Like Like. Interesting, and like you say these are YOUR opinions. I agree on the most part. Especially hand guards! I would highly disagree about the tyres and tail tidy.

Like Liked by 1 person.This has been tried numerous times before and eded up in dead ends deactivated trails, and sketchy goat trails that could only be done by foot. Today was the day that we were going to make it to the top.

We spent a good hours scouring google earth trying to find any possible point that may connect with the old trail. I plugged in my Garmin GPSmap 62s, plotted some potential points in base camp and loaded up the hit list of potential routs.


There first look at the decommissioned little white trail was a little discouraging as the excessive windfall made the trail impossible to ride. I checked the GPS and saw a point that looked to be on the other side of this madness and rode on to find it… this trail was still over grown but rideable good thing we brought a saw!

After about 20 minutes of bushwhacking we ended up at another fallen tree ridden dead end. The ned trail led up to one of the neighbouring mountings, the ride was a little rough with a few falls but had a very cool view, and ironically showed exactly where we came from and where the blocked trail would have connected! I good perspective as we push forward to the next marker on the hitlist. We rode back down to the next clearcut where our trail would have came out and pushed forward through mud pits and old trail until we found the victorious trail head.

As we rode the excitement grew as the infamous cliff face of little white started to appear in the horizon. The last leg of the trail was very nasty and full of big holders and loose rocks… riding them for any period of time is very tiring.

A little break was in order to regain some energy and ride the list little bit to complete the victory!

crf250l mods

John and made plans to go for a ride around chute lake and find a little lake. We ended up doing a few little hill climbs and some rocky technical climbs. Lately i have felt a little more adventurous and have a think for taking photos of the bike in funky spots.

We stumbled across some down hill mountain bike trails. Enjoy the clips from my ride with BlastFromTheSaddle. After slacking on riding the past two weeks I finally got out for a ride with Corey. We only had a few hours of light left and wanted to get in a new adventure… so i decided to take him to the hunting cabin i found a while back. Craig was after a little mud. Regardless the CRFL had the go pro running and was off to explore. We found a few little technical spots which was a nice warm up for yesterdays ride to little white post to come!

Today we decided to tackle the infamous raspberry hill. Raspberyhill is a very steep hill full of loose rocks and dirt. Despite bailing twice the CRF eventually made it up. The L does pretty well as long as you have momentum. Lately I have been trying to learn to do wheelies. I think they would be useful for technical terrain and making it over large obstacles… Power wheelies are easy.

Use you right foot to cover the brake as this is what will drop you back down. If you are going to learn… do it at your own risk and be safe! The top of the hill had a spectacular view from of the Okanagan valley. We found a radio tower with a bunch of antennas and solar panels on the side which was kinda neat.

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